Colorado Swimming Short Course Age Group Championships (14 & Under)
February 23-25, 2018

Location: Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center, 5310 E. 136th Ave., Thornton, CO 80026

The top two (2) heats 14&U and 12&U. B finalists are to report behind the blocks and will be announced in the pool. A finalist, if you would like to march please report to the ready area, if not please report behind the block. Alternates are to report to the starting area Chief Judge and Deck Ref; alternates will be used in the B heat only.

1. Finals Reporting: It is the responsibility of all athletes in finals to report behind the blocks in time to swim their event. If an athlete fails to report in time and the Deck Referee has inserted an alternate, or has determined they are not present to swim, then the athlete will be barred from further competition.

2. A$50.00finewillbeassessedforthisfailuretoappearwhichmustbepaidbeforetheswimmer can resume competition in any sanctioned event in Colorado. 

ENTRIES: Swimmers may enter up to five (5) individual events per day, but must scratch down to and swim a maximum of three (3) individual events per day, a maximum of 7 total events for the meet.

$5.00 for each individual event. ($1.00 of each individual event will go to the CSI Support Fund)
$11.00 per swimmer pool charge 

Qualification Times Attached Below

Gregory Nemick,
Feb 19, 2018, 10:03 AM